Friday, December 19, 2014

16 Dec 14 - Real Property Vision Plan Charrette

Question:  Back in the summer we had a Real Property Vision Plan Charrette, what is happening with the results from that?

Answer:  It will be a part of the future of the installation.  Wherever we build, we will look at that to see where we can improve the future look of the installation; i.e.: landscaping, parking, multi-use facilities, etc.  Hinesville just went through the same concept recently as well.

16 Dec 14 - New Buildings

Question 6a:  Any new buildings coming available?

Answer 6a:  No.  MILCON is at zero all because of sequestration.

Question 6b:  What about the building by Jordan Gym?

Answer 6b:  That is a behavioral health building.  The contractor defaulted and owed $20 Million, so the sub-contractors stopped working for him because they weren’t getting paid. 

16 Dec 14 - Civilians shopping at Commissary/PX

Question:  Can civilians shop at the commissary and PX?

Answer:  AFAP is working on it.  Currently civilians can purchase food only and can use their Government Purchase Cards for supplies at the PX.

16 Dec 14 - Newcomer's Fair

Question:  Is the Newcomer’s Fair starting every two weeks now?

Answer:  Yes, it will now be a part of in-processing.  There should be approx 200-300 Soldiers at each fair starting 6 Jan 15.

16 Dec 14 - Sequestration

Question:  Sequestration – when is the deadline for that?

Answer: FY16.  We have 4-5 years to give back $95 Billion.  The Army’s piece of that is approx $25-$30 Billion.

16 Dec 14 - Is Fort Stewart Going Away?

Question:  Rumor in town that Fort Stewart is one of three installations that is going away. 

Answer:  I haven’t heard anything.  Not sure where that information came from.  The listening sessions aren’t even completed yet.  The majority of them will occur in Jan & Feb.  the reason we conducted ours early was because the CG was deploying.  We had a great turnout with standing room only.  With the Army’s perspective, it is who makes the most noise congressionally.


16 Dec 14 - President announced 26 Dec as Fed Holiday

Question:  How are we handling 26 Dec?

Answer:  The President signed a proclamation that it is a Federal Holiday.  For MWR staff, what happens on the 25th is the same on the 26th.