Wednesday, November 19, 2014

27 Oct 14 - Marne Chapel Renovations

Question:  RSO:  Renovations.  Marne Chapel has been on the list for renovations (HVAC).  Are there any funds available to renovate Marne Chapel soon? 

Answer:  We do not have an IJO in the system from the customer to replace the HVAC.  DPW is however, about to re-roof the building.  I recommend that someone from RSO submit an IJO with description of the problem and DPW will proceed from there.

27 Oct 14 - TDA

Question:  TDA.  Are the personnel numbers going down?

Answer:  FY15 numbers are already on the table.  Nothing will happen until after the election.  If sequestration is not cancelled, it will get ugly and we will have to reduce an additional 13% in civilian jobs.  Our civilian authorizations in 2014 were 929, in 2015 it will be 855, and by FY17 it could drop to 775 DA Civilians.  We may have to start closing services.  


27 Oct 14 - ACOE Results

Question:  Have we heard on the ACOE results yet?

Answer:  We received a virtual site visit last month and that went very well.  Results from ACOE will not come out until Jan-Feb 2015.

27 Oct 14 - Civilian Fitness Program

Question:  RSO: Civilian Fitness Program.  Can we start a self-monitored civilian fitness program?  Many of us have alternate work schedules and cannot participate in the current program. 

Answer:  In order to gain the full understanding of your work schedules, please consult Ms. Beverly Fordham (Installation Workforce Training Coordinator).  Ms. Fordham may be able to work with the program’s creator to develop a specific program for those employees on an alternate schedule.  Some portions are required to be monitored but periods of self-monitoring may be available, with the notification of your supervisor.

27 Oct 14 - Motorcycle Rodeo

Question:  ISO: Upcoming Motorcycle Rodeo.  How do we get folks on post to attend?

Answer:  Send an email to your vendors/customers and inform them of our procedure.  Ensure that they pre-plan and arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to get on post.  They may have to go to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) to get a pass.  Also inform DES of your event so that they are aware of additional people entering the installation.

27 Oct 14 - Background Checks

Question:  RSO.  Background checks.  Issues with getting local background checks and fingerprinting.  DES Officer is always unavailable.

Answer:  Starting 18 Dec 14 background checks and fingerprinting can be conducted with Officer Larry Joe on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 0900-1130.  Training will always take precedence, so please call to verify availability with Officer Joe before sending folks over.

27 Oct 14 - SJA Staffing - Radiation Software

Question:  ISO: Radiation Software Program staffing action is still at SJA.  It has been several months, how can we get these documents?

Answer:  SJA is very overwhelmed and understaffed.  They are doing their best.  Please send the USAG-FS XO a request with specifics on what you are looking for and he will track it down.