Monday, April 13, 2015

1 Apr 15 - GC Funding Update

GC Update: So for the rest of the year looking at our spending perspective, IMCOM is $840M short.  LTG Halverson has pulled 4th quarter UFM funds from MWR to cover costs, but are still short.  We are currently 63% obligated.  We may lose a couple of contracts in 3rd and 4th quarter.  Directors need to have a backup plan.  I don’t see a large pot of extra money at the end of the year.

1 Apr 15 - Unruly Soldier Outprocessing

Question:  When an unruly Soldier is out-processing and the MPs are called to escort him out, should they be escorted by them when they return a second/third time?

Answer:  They should be escorted by an NCO from their unit.  They need to go through their chain of command.  I can guarantee you that they will escort the Soldier.  MPs do not escort Soldiers to out-processing appointments.

1 Apr 15 - Casualty Assistance Office

Question:  Casualty Assistance Office:  Assisting surviving spouse of a Retiree.  We are told that we can only assist Active Duty families.  Before we sent the Soldier to Florida to assist the surviving spouse, we asked SOS and they said that the Soldier could not travel and they would not pay for it.

Answer:  We need to look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.  We are preaching Soldier for Life, so we can’t just be promoting it on a slide.  We need to do what’s right and take care of their families too.  We need to get with ACS and SOS and discuss a way ahead on how to improve this situation.  I will approve it.

ACS/SOS Response: We service Retirees and invite them to all our events. The problem is we don't have information on issues really pertinent to them like VA and RSO when it comes to Widows Pension or SBP.  We help them by referring them to those agencies and ones such as AER or local agencies if they need food, shelter or clothing. The issue of whether or nor not we go to their homes is on a case by case basis but Active Duty SOS is not like SOS Reserve or SOS NG in which their main job/focus is to  visit families in their homes. We have always been told that we have money to travel but not specifically to homes for visits but to set up within local events to get the SOS message out there and we plan to do that whenever possible with plans to visit Valdosta in the near future.  SOS Financial Counselor has been assisting all Survivors, retirees and active duty when requested and can set up an appointment at a predetermined location. We will service and answer questions for anyone who needs it and never ever turn ANYONE AWAY.  Sir, we not only answer the questions we call the agencies to get the exact information so Survivors do not get the run around or get confused.  But if the case is still active and benefits have not been received within the Casualty arena Ms. Linda Johnson the Benefit Coordinator is the best person to handle those issues. No problems have been brought to our attention or Casualty that I am aware of. We work well to handle all Survivor issues.

1 Apr 15 - GC Priorities

Question:  We are submitting our priorities up the chain, but what are your priorities?  So that we can submit them down to our staff.

Answer:  Unless something drastically changes, my main priority is workforce development and people.  We have broken the trust of our civilians.  I am doing what I can to help.  How is the Army Career Tracker (ACT) program working in your area?

DHR:  Pretty good.  We have had several people already attend CES Intermediate and Advanced Courses and we are focusing on quarterly training.  We have recently made a motto for DHR:  People first – mission always.

1 Apr 15 - IMCOM HQ Staff

Question:  There is a lot of frustration with the IMCOM HQs staff.  Is there any opportunity for them to receive training as to how Garrisons run?

Answer:  Yes LTG Halverson recognizes the situation and is trying to fix IMCOM first before sending folks down to the Garrison level.  He has already pulled some folks from the Region and Garrison level to work at IMCOM HQs.  They are promoting the Talent Management and Developmental Assignment Program (DAP) trying to get folks to go work at IMCOM HQs, and there is also talk about splitting ACSIM away from IMCOM in August.  We all recognize the situation, but it is out of my control.

1 Apr 15 - 4th of July Celebration

Question:  Will there be a 4th of July celebration this year?

Answer:  Yes it will probably be the same as what we had last year:  Twilight Tattoo and fireworks, but no band due to the cost.  FMWR has looked into bringing a pay-as-you-go concert to FS/HAAF but they cannot make the budget work to be able to afford that either.

1 Apr 15 - Museum Move

Question:  Where has the museum moved to?

Answer:  The museum is now in Bldg 507, which is by the Main Post Chapel.  It will open in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary of Fort Stewart in November during Marne Week.  Right now they are in the process of building displays.  Mr. Meeks is the Museum Director and will let you stop by to take a look.