Friday, January 30, 2015

26 Jan 15 - Promotions

Q6:  Is there still a freeze on GS increase? Example: GS 9 to GS 11 – what requirements need to be met in order to submit a request for such an increase in a particular job?

A6:  There is no freeze.  Regarding PD increases, your supervisor must complete Annex G showing increases in job duties and submit to IMCOM for approval.


26 Jan 15 - Access Control

Q5:  We seem to be putting a lot of energy/emphasis on access control…thoughts?

A5:  Yes we are.  Basically the shooting at Canada’s parliament bldg and other threats around the world, combined with our security requirements, make it necessary for us to focus on securing the installation. 

26 Jan 15 - Private Owned Weapons Range

Q4:  Is it possible to have a range open one day a week for family/POW use?   Similar to Aiken Range on Fort Jackson.

A4:  DFMWR has a POW (Private Owned Weapons) range available on weekends and holidays from 0700-1500 for folks to use.  It is located behind the Pass and Permit and Game Warden Offices on Highway 144 East.  Patrons will need to register inside the Pass and Permit Office before firing their weapons.

26 Jan 15 - TDA

Q3:  Why aren’t employees paid according to the TDA?  If an employee retires or quits, the new employee will be hired at the higher grade.  Why?

A3:  This goes back to what your grade is on the TDA.   About 10% of the civilian workforce doesn’t match what their grade is on the TDA.  Annex G to the Civilian Hiring OPORD explains how to request an increase.  Your supervisor will need to complete the request.  

26 Jan 15 - Civilians in DES

Q2:  What is the status on keeping civilians at DES?  Will they be phased out?  If so, will jobs be provided for them?

A2:  Good question.  The current TDA has approx 153 cuts across the Garrison and several of those belong to DES.  Yes we could put Soldiers in these positions but there would not be any continuity since they rotate out often.  We are currently working on requesting over-hires.  There is no attempt on our part to phase out the DES Civilians.  DPW Master Planning is also in the same situation.

26 Jan 15 - Active Shooter

Q1:  Are we really prepared in the event of an active shooter?

A1:  Yes absolutely.  We will see shortly when we have another exercise.


Friday, December 19, 2014

16 Dec 14 - Real Property Vision Plan Charrette

Question:  Back in the summer we had a Real Property Vision Plan Charrette, what is happening with the results from that?

Answer:  It will be a part of the future of the installation.  Wherever we build, we will look at that to see where we can improve the future look of the installation; i.e.: landscaping, parking, multi-use facilities, etc.  Hinesville just went through the same concept recently as well.