Thursday, March 26, 2015

20 Mar 15 - Book Club

Question:  Idea to start a book club.  Great way to keep people motivated.  Or have an APP where folks can discuss ideas with their peers/mentors.

Answer: That is a good idea.  A key part would be to set aside time to do it.  We need to get the younger staff to believe in it and participate.  Similar to talent management.  GS 13-14’s already have 20-30 years of service.  We need to hit the early career staff, that’s who needs to be in talent management. 

20 Mar 15 - GS 13-14 Developmental Programs

Question:  Developmental Programs for GS 13-14 require a secret clearance.  For those folks who do not have a secret clearance (not a part of your job description), they cannot take advantage of the courses.

Answer: I would first recommend that you complete the CES Advanced Course as it is becoming a pre-requisite to many advanced courses.  If you would like to then apply to the Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC) or the Executive Leader Development Program (ELDP) and do not have a secret clearance, I recommend that you first speak to your directorate regarding your professional development plans.  Your directorate can submit a memorandum through me to the DPTMS Security Division requesting for you to obtain a secret clearance with the intent of being accepted to one of the programs listed above or other executive-level courses.  The DPTMS Security Division will start the secret clearance process.  The timeframe for a secret clearance to be fully completed through all of the different channels is different for each person.

20 Mar 15 - Women's Mentoring Program

Question:  Thank you Sir for your support with the Women’s Mentorship Program.  It was a great experience and good for the installation.

Answer: It was my pleasure.  I hope that we can continue it.  I believe that EEO will be offering it again sometime in May.

A mentoring program should go down to the lowest level.  That will change the attitude of the garrison surveys.  It is an invaluable program and also important to provide feedback.

20 Mar 15 - ACS AFAP Accreditation

Comment from ACS: ACS AFAP passed their accreditation and did an outstanding job.  We have some “best practices” in the program that we should share with other installations.

20 Mar 15 - ISR Status Reporting

Comment from GC:  ISR Status Report is currently showing us at GREEN level due to BMM and some measures that are not addressed correctly.  We will be pulling out BMM from our status reporting.

20 Mar 15 - FY16 TDA

Comment from GC:  IMCOM Cdr has stated that they are trying to work through the funding shortfall of $960M.  There is not a lot of pressure to get to the FY16 TDA numbers.  We will continue to work through it with natural attrition.

19 Mar 15 - Priority Placement Program (PPP)

Question:  Priority Placement Program (PPP)

Answer:  DGC: It is a DoD program.  CPAC considers you by worldwide, region, and installation.  Once you are in the PPP Program you have one shot at accepting a position.  When you are offered a position and you don’t take it, you are on your own.

NAF personnel are not currently a part of the PPP.  Most of the MWR personnel are NAF employees.  IMCOM is looking at the Human Capital Plan and the NAF policy is being addressed in there.