Friday, September 11, 2015

11 Sep 15 - Brown Bag Q&A POC

The GC Brown Bag Luncheon POC is Carol-Ann Fisher; Plans, Analysis & Integration Office; 767-5047 or email:

Friday, June 5, 2015

3 Jun 15 - Routing Slips for Garrison HQs

Question: ISO: Routing slips for documents brought to Garrison HQs?  When we drop off and pick up documents to/from HQs we have to log it in and sign for it, but they don’t.

Answer: GCSM:  Bring your routing slip with you for USAG staff to sign when dropping off documents.  This will keep everyone held accountable for the whereabouts of your documents.

GC: I agree.  You can also put it out on SharePoint.  SharePoint is the way to go to track your documents.

3 Jun 15 - Motorcycle Safety Course

Comment: The Safety Office is in a better position now than in years past.  There is great progress being made with the motorcycle course. 

Question:  GC: Have you re-visited the bldg issue from 2 years ago?  The estimate back then was over $1M.  Are you going to re-submit the project? 
Answer: ISO stated that they will be moving into bldg. 627 once it has been renovated.


3 Jun 15 - Processing Civilian Awards

Question:  Other staff members are processing awards and leaving me out of the loop.  I have been doing this for 13 years and don’t understand why people are bypassing me and going straight to the Garrison HQs?  This is causing friction between us and I don’t like it.

Answer:  GCSM:  I will ask this?  How often do you get together with your folks to train?  With all of that knowledge that you have, it would be great if you could share it with others in your directorate so that information sharing is communicated more freely and to expand the knowledge of others.

GC: We will inform the Company and Battalion of the proper protocols regarding processing military vs civilian awards. 

3 Jun 15 - Processing Awards

Question:  Processing Awards:  An award was processed for a chaplain back in March and in May it came back with corrections and requesting changes be made to the write up and that it was too lengthy.  It is not fair that we should have to re-write the award based on what the Installation Chaplain initially wrote. 

Answer:  GCSM:  I believe that there is more involved with this particular situation.  When I see late awards at Staff Call it upsets me.  When I spoke to the company about this problem, you probably received some of their frustration.  So some of that was my fault. 

GC: You could ask CPAC to conduct training for your HR folks.  You could also create a flowchart to show your folks the awards process between military vs civilian. 

2 Jun 15 - Fitness Classes at Newman Gym

Question:  How do you determine what classes are taught at Newman Gym?  I would like a boxing class.

Answer:  Great idea!  FMWR can offer fitness classes depending upon being able to get a contractor to teach it and the desire of the patrons to attend.  We can certainly look into a boxing class.

2 Jun 15 - Awards

Question:  GCSM:  What is the highest award that you have received as a civilian? 

Answer:  Group:  GC coin, 59 minutes, cash award.

GC: Unlike the military awards system, the civilian awards system is a stair-step process.  You must receive the lower awards before ever receiving a higher civilian award.  I disagree with the process and we need to do a better job at getting our directors to award civilian awards to their employees, so that by the time they retire, they will get a well-deserved higher civilian service award for their time in service.