Wednesday, April 29, 2015

21 Apr 15 - GC DPW Brown Bag Closing Comments

GC Closing Comment: Feel free to send me an email with any concerns.

21 Apr 15 - Ft Stewart Football Golf Project

Question:  Are there any plans to construct a Football Golf Project at Ft Stewart?

Answer:  We are evaluating the program right now at Hunter AAF.  If it is successful, we can implement at Ft Stewart.  Overall, the cost to implement is very inexpensive (approx. $5K).

21 Apr 15 - Civilian Game Wardens

Question:  Are the Civilian Game Wardens being replaced with Soldiers?

Answer:  There is no current no plan to replace Department of the Army Conservation Law Enforcement Officers with Soldiers.

21 Apr 15 - Unit ISR Inspections

Question:  Units are not completing their ISR inspections in a timely manner.  What can be done about that?

Answer:  I will re-emphasize the timelines for completion to the units.

21 Apr 15 - NCO Academy Instructors

Question:  Are there any civilian instructors at the NCO Academy?  If not, can we assist if needed?

Answer:  Currently the instructors are only active duty Soldiers, but we can let them know we do have experienced civilians that can assist with instruction if needed.

21 Apr 15 - IMCOM Training Courses

Question:  Can IMCOM reduce the 90 day requirement in obtaining funding approval on attending training courses?

Answer:  IMCOM is currently in the process of redeveloping the workforce development program, but it takes a lot of time.  We can look at some exceptions to policy with regards to those unique training courses offered.

21 Apr 15 - Employee Cross Training

Question:  Cross training opportunities: There is so much competitiveness (ICTAP, VEOA, etc).  Despite having degrees, some fields and series are extremely difficult to move up/out from within for professional development (ie: Supply Tech).  What can we do?
Answer:  I would recommend not limiting yourself to only Ft Stewart as the reality is there are only so many positions on the TDA.  Continue to strive in making yourself marketable and more competitive.  Cross training is very important to me, but you have to also be mobile or open to relocation in order to move up sometimes.  This should be discussed with your supervisor during counseling periods.  I encourage all employees to look at other opportunities for advancement/career development and cross training certainly helps in making you marketable.  This can be discussed and approved between Directors and can even be split up over time (ie: 2 hrs/day).  It’s all about taking care of employees and is something outlined within my Annual Training Guidance.