Wednesday, October 22, 2014

29 Sep 14 - Sequestration - Vote

Comment from GC:  Everyone needs to vote and fight sequestration.  Find out where your congressmen stand on the issue.  If passed in the upcoming election, it will go in effect from FY16-FY19.

29 Sep 14 - DES Central Location

Question:  Why can’t we have a main building with all of DES in it?

Answer:  There was a project two years ago to build a new DES but it busted the budget.  With the shuffling of units, we are re-looking for a structure that will fit the bill and some remodeling to fit the DES in.

Attendee:  Please ask the day-to-day workers, who would be in the building, for their input when preparing for the remodeling. 

29 Sep 14 - Training in DES

Question:  We don’t train enough together in DES.   There was open discussion among attendees about how they can move forward with this and come together better with their training requirements.

Answer:  We do pretty good at a larger level like hurricane training.  Do you all know the police officers in Hinesville and Savannah?  This was an issue at our Strategic Planning Seminar back in February.  We now have events like “Cops & Coffee”.  We need to get this information down to the lowest level.  Next year’s hurricane exercise will be in conjunction with the State’s exercise.

29 Sep 14 - Position Transfer from Civilian to Military

Question:  Can you transfer a civilian position to a military position?

Answer:  The only positions that were transferred were the DES Director and Dep DES Director positions.   The DES Director is now a military position and the Dep DES Director position is a civilian position.

29 Sep 14 - DES Over-hires

Question:  Will you keep the DES over-hires?

Answer:  I will probably leave them there.  It is not my intention at this point to RIF anyone if I don’t have to.  If I have to conduct a RIF, the challenge that I am faced with is trying to fill positions with over-hires.  I currently have 138 vacancies, but am at 98% strength because of the over-hires.  We are hoping to be allowed to use RIF rules to fill vacancies. For example: a 1 up/1 down transfer, or a 90 day On-the-job-training (OJT). Right now we can’t move personnel if they don’t meet the minimum requirements.

29 Sep 14 - Comment - VCC

Comment:  The Visitor Control Center (VCC) is working!  Outstanding!

29 Sep 14 - Comment - Right Leadership in DES

Comment: Heading in the right direction!  Got the right leadership who seriously care about the directorate.