Tuesday, September 30, 2014

24 Sep 14 - Hiring Process

Question:  Why does DHR refuse to include the section chiefs in on hiring for a position that are open in their section?
Answer:  DHR leaders at the lowest levels (section, branch, etc.) are part of the DHR hiring process.  These leaders are members of the selection panel who screen resumes and conduct interviews for vacant positions.  However, when displaced federal employees who are eligible for the priority placement program (PPP) are screened, qualify and accept vacant positions, they receive "mandatory" placement rights for these jobs within their selected geographic area of availability and no DHR leaders at any level have a say in those selections.

24 Sep 14 - In-House Promotions

Question:  Why does management in DHR feel no one in the organization is qualified for a promotion?  DHR never hires in-house.
Answer:  DHR employees must apply for vacant positions to be considered for selection.  All candidates, who apply for vacant positions within the DHR, are screened by our servicing civilian personnel office to ensure they meet the qualification requirements for positions they are applying for. Within the past 2 to 6 months four (4) DHR employees applied for and were selected for higher graded positions within the DHR.  The DHR hiring process is clearly outlined in the DHR Standard Operating Procedures for Civilian Hire Request, Referral and Selection.  The best qualified candidate is selected for positions based on this objective process and OPM rules.  The priority placement program (PPP) may also come into play regarding vacant positions.  Whereby displaced federal employees who become eligible for PPP receive "mandatory" placement rights for Department of Defense jobs within their selected geographic area of availability.

24 Sep 14 - Civilian Training

Question:  Garrison CSM asked the group if the training that they are getting was worth the bang for their buck?
Answer:  GCSM:  Look at what training is out there.  If you think that it is good for you and your directorate, submit some COA’s to your chain of command.  See if it is within your budget and maybe one of your COA’s will be approved. 

24 Sep 14 - Counseling

Question:  GC asked the group if they have been receiving their quarterly counseling?
Answer:  Group: Yes. 
GC:  Your counseling sessions should include your IDPs, goals, performance, and training.  I will discuss ICE, counseling, and how to mentor employees again at the next GC Quarterly Supervisor Training in December.

24 Sep 14 - Soldier Conduct

Question:  I am noticing that Soldier conduct is horrible, and getting worse!  What can we do?
Answer:  What you are seeing is anxiety, frustration and anger, possibly from the military downsizing, being taken out on you.  I apologize for their behavior.  Continue to be patient and use temperance.  There is customer service training available if necessary. 
**It was mentioned from an employee that the customer service training covers mostly civilian sector issues, not issues that deal directly with the military and Soldier services. 

24 Sep 14 - 59 Minutes

Question:  Do we (DA Civilians) get 59 minutes on our birthday? 
Answer:  Allowing 59 minutes to the workforce for their birthday is up to the discretion of the supervisor/management.

24 Sep 14 - ID Card Section in Mower Gym

Question:  Mower Gym services Tenant Units, Reserves and National Guard regarding ID Cards.  Brigade S1’s are not coordinating with them when their ID card machine is down, and are sending Active Duty Soldiers to Mower Gym to get ID cards.  This is not acceptable.

Answer: Soldiers need to understand that Mower Gym’s first priority is to the Tenant Units, Reserves and National Guard.  When you hear that a Brigade’s system is down, contact the Garrison CSM so that he can contact that Brigade CSM to rectify the situation.  Most times the Brigade CSM is unaware of the situation.